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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yada Yada Prayer Group

 The Yada Yada Prayer Group: The Yada Yada Prayer Group, Book 1 (Women of Faith Fiction) (2008 Novel of the Year)  Not sure if anyone has read these books but they are amazing!!  They have really helped me and made me long for 'sisters' like this!!  The book is about a bunch of ladies that go to a Woman's Christian Workshop and get thrown together into this prayer group.  This bunch of ladies are from all walks of life and they decide to continue with their prayer group once they leave the conference.  Luckily they all live fairly close to each other and twice a month they meet and have a prayer group.  They share all their hardships & praises that are going on in their lives.  It would be great to have that kind of support whenever you need it!!
I am currently on the sixth book right now. (there are 7 books of the main series)   Neta Jackson has this wonderful way of writing that makes you feel like you are a part of that group.  I can't read them fast enough and am always sad when I am done.  lol  Our library only had the first 5 so I bought the 6th and will be buying the 7th then I will get the 5 before it.  She has several other books also.  You should all check her out!!
I did a little post after I read her first book over at My Mad World

Here is another site I found that did a review of it.
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Karen said...

Nicole.. Satan has spent a long time telling me that I need to sit down and SHUT UP, because i have not lead a exemplary life style in the past..But I refuse to listen to him, and im glad that God took away my GUILT feelings, so that I can now say from EXPERIENCE that God does not give up on people.. Im not an axe murderer or nothing like that,but i was not aways a good christian woman and or wife..And I think Satans number one trick it so make us feel unworthy to speak Gods word.. and Im tired of playng his games..So I am telling anyone who wants to listen that God Loves and Forgives and Has a Wonderful Future in store for everyone...
So in short.. i am very honored if anything i say in my post helps you with your walk with your heavenly father..

Eve said...

Hi Nicole, I've never heard of this book series. Thanks for the review, I will check my library for it :D

Nicole said...

Karen I know that most of us weren't perfect and I am still far from it but doing a lot better..
I love to come and read your posts and get such inspiration from you!!

You're welcome Eve! Yeah I got the first ones from the library here but they didn't have all of them. They are very addictive!!


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