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Monday, October 4, 2010

How do we help the lost?

I am still working on that one....(just a rambling thought that has been bothering me)

How do we tell the lost about the Lord?  How do we speak to nonbelievers & help them believe?  That is my hardest thing lately.  I have a couple of friends that are lost.  They have heard about God but 'it doesn't work for them'.  One has had a lot of 'Christians' that have cursed him out for what he believes so he basically says, ' If that's what a Christian is, I don't want to be that!'  We've told him that not all Christians are like that.  We want you to understand but shouldn't curse you out if you don't.  I'm not sure if he is one of the ones that doesn't believe the Bible is the truth.  (he kinda mentioned that) That the Bible could just be made up stories from some crazy people.  This to me is when your faith has to lead you.

We've talked to him about it some and he's, to me, just had some bad experiences with people in churches.  I just don't know what else to say to help him see how wonderful our Lord is!  I've told him that for me, I believe!  Reading my Bible and knowing that He is the reason I am alive and that He forgives me for my sins, loves me anyways, is always there for me and gives me peace, that is why I believe!  Once you find Him and stay with Him there is no greater feeling than that!!

The other guy we haven't talked to much.  We've told him that we are going to church again, (at Tom's church, he used to work with him too) and he says, "Good for you, I just still can't believe Tom's a preacher!"  I say, "Yeah it is amazing but so great that with all he has been through, he still found God and turned his life around and now he is telling other's about Him!"

This is the one that has never really been to church or learned anything about God.  His family was never religious and so he isn't either.  How do you go about talking to someone like that?  How do you explain how great God is?  Jesus died for US!  Us measly little sinners, people that go every day without thanking Him for what He has done for us!  I want him to know that Jesus is waiting on him to come to Him.  To fall down and say, "Forgive me Lord, I'm just a sinner but I have heard that you can make it better.  Teach me Lord what I need to do!  Teach me Lord to believe in You and Your Father!"

Both of these guys are great guys but I want them to know this happiness, this love, this protection that only the Lord can give!  All I know to do right now is to keep praying for them and hope that they will find Him soon!!

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MTJ said...

Hi Nicole,

I think that praying for both friends is good. They may not be ready to give their life to Christ at this time but both you and Shane can serve as witnesses to the power, grace, forgiveness and love of God in your daily life.

Perhaps as they learn more about God by being around you, they will someday inquire. As followers of Christ, we ask for and receive opportunities to share our faith. When that time comes for your two friends, I'm certain you and Shane will be ready to answer their questions.

Continue to let them know that you don't judge them and that you pray that they may discover the truth about God, salvation and Christ.

Some plant the seed of salvation, others water the seed, but God gives the increase. Trust the Lord to reach the heart of your friends.

Blessings and peace.


Nicole said...

Thank you so much for this!! I am always looking forward to your advice! (sending you an email)


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