"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. ~ John 14:27"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My husband is truly a blessing!

Why is it that sometimes I have to remind myself that?  How come I tend to focus more on the couple of things he does that annoy me instead of all the good that he does do for me and our family?

We both had some wild times when we were younger, hung out with some crazy people but if we would have done that then we wouldn’t have met.  I truly believe that God let me to him.  God didn’t make me do the wild things I did in the past but He turned that into something good, made sure that it did lead me to my loving husband.  A husband that works hard for us, loves us deeply and would do anything for us!  He can be a very quiet person, not one to show his emotions and those are the times that I tend to focus on and wonder if he really does love us, but I know deep down that he does.  That is just nasty ol’ satan trying to plant that seed in me so I will continue to have resentment towards my husband.  Well guess what satan?  You need to get out!  I will NOT listen to you anymore!  I will listen to my Father and to what I know in my heart!  My husband is a good man, a strong and loving man!  One that knows how to hold his tongue,  better than I do, one that knows how to control his temper, better than I do, one that would do anything for his family or his friends.  A man that doesn’t always know how to show that what he is feeling but when he does he does it well!  The times he does get me a card or remember things, my birthday or anniversary he surprises me with such amazing cards and sometimes gifts and that makes up for the times he doesn’t know how to show them.

Thank You Father for leading me to my husband, for making us find each other through all the craziness!  Thank You for never letting us give up on each other, for being there for each other, for making us pull things out of each other when we need to.  Please continue to be there for us, to help keep satan away from this marriage and this family!  Please continue to bless us and to protect us!  In Your beautiful name, Amen!!

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Tiggeriffic said...

Yes, I agree I think God picks out our mates for us.. For me it was early,,I was only in 11th grade and opps we got pregnant and had a baby 9 months later. We will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversay this Feb. 11. 2 of our children gave us a check for $5,000 to go to Sweden... I was so surprised..That is where the World plowing matches are going to be held..
We have had our ups and downs but we are still together. Thanks be to God...
ta ta for now...from Iowa

Shirley said...

That is awesome Nicole! I love my husband so much too. He, like Shane is also quiet and withholds emotion often. It is s hard to read men sometimes and frustrating. We know they love us, but it would be nice if they could express that in a way we women like. I'm glad you realized it was Satan putting the doubting thoughts in your head. Have you ever watched the movie Fireproof? If not, you should watch it together after Maddy goes to bed or is not home. It is a great inspiration. We did the Love Dare bible study at our house last year with 3 other couples based on that movie. Here is another resource www.marriagetoday.com My hubby & I both get the weekly devotional e-mails & it is a blessing. Praying for God to abundantly bless your marriage!

Annabelle said...

I prefer God's match-making to anyone else's! :) He's so much better at it!

Desiray said...

Nichole I am so blessed to see how you dedicated this blog to your hubby..I thank God for reminding you of how blessed you are..so many times we take for granted the blessing God gives us....Lord God I truly thank you for what you are revealing to my sister, let her continue to be prepared to listen to you when you speak Lord. I give you praise Lord GOD. AMEN

Nicole said...

Thanks so much ladies! God bless you Annie! 50 years is amazing! That is def. God's work!!

Thanks Shirley! I will check that out! We have watched Fireproof and I loved that movie!

Ann~ Yes He is!!

Desiray~ Thank you sis! You know it takes listening to some Godly women and helping us understand sometimes. And of course I can't forget my Father who helped me with this too! So glad He is patient with me and keeps working on me until I hear Him and finally get it!!


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