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Monday, March 14, 2011

What are your stakes?


Today during our Bible Study from “The Power of a Whisper” by Bill Hybels, there was a lady he had on his DVD, that we watched before our we went and discussed it, that was talking about whispers from God being like stakes.  Something that you can go back to as your ‘stake’ in your walk with our Father.  I thought it was pretty neat and I loved the idea of putting it like that!

The whispers you hear from God are our stakes, the ones that you can go back to time and again when you need that extra boost, when you don’t think He is talking to you as much anymore, you can go back to those ‘stakes’ and remember and relish in those times to give you that reassurance you need!  Our ‘stakes’ are our ties to our Father!!

What are your stakes?  What can you go back to that is that stake in your faith, that constant that you can always go back to?

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Cherie Hill said...

Hi Nicole! Thank you for stopping by and giving me and "Amen!" ;) That is so awesome that you are doing a study on Bill Hybels "The Power of a Whisper!" I read the book and reviewed it before it was released! It is awesome! What you posted on was a REALLY big eye opener for me! God speaks to me regularly regarding my life . . . but there were times when He was silent and I kept begging for another Word . . . Hybels, through that example taught me to go back to that last "stake." It has changed EVERYTHING in my relationship with God. Once I acted upon that, I think God taught me what He needed to: that He can trust me with His silence. . . and He's been talking to me ever since!
Enjoy the study!!!! God IS speaking! We just have to be listening!
Blessings sister!

Nicole said...

You're welcome Cherie. Yes, I am loving his book! I really thought this was a great way to explain it too! Like you said, when He is silent we need to go back to that last 'stake' and listen and do what He whispered to us!
Thanks for stopping by again!!


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